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• 5/7/2018

Rainbow Cropsies

Can anyone tell me HOW the rainbow colored cropsie works? It simply appeared on Level 259 without any instructions. I've tried using it in matches but it hasn't budged a thing and yet I presume its a helpful addition judging by its cheerful bright image. I'm happily addicted to Farm Heroes and would love to use the rainbow cropsies especially as they're just wasting space right now and I can't pass the Level (259). Ugh! LOL
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• 12/15/2017


How do I get a refund for purchases I did not make for this game??????
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• 12/9/2017

moving phones

I play on my phone and want to move it to another phone/tablet. I am not on FB or other social media. I only have a player number. How do I move my game without losing a level? I am on 760 or thereabouts. tx
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• 11/27/2017

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• 9/17/2016


I'm very new to Farm Heroes.  I'm playing the "Webby Barn" event.  In terms of the rewards, I know what "Recharge" means in terms of the "Energy" and the "Lives", but what does it mean in terms of the boosters?
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• 9/3/2016

Newest versions

Hey all,
I'm playing for a long time and i'm somewhere around level 1150. I normally could get stuck in one level for a week, but not longer. I was sure I could make it.
Now for a while (started somewhere in level 1140, I just couldn't get through. I was required to get too many crops and it was not even reasonable in the amount of moves. It took like 30 crops a move in a level without grass. That's not even possible without many extra's.
On this website I found that it's been changed (or at least the levels I barely got through). The older versions had less crops and more moves. Why would they change this... It's not even fun anymore. I don't even get to 1/3 of the required crops on a 'normal' play.
Will they ever change it back? Cause I will stop playing this game, cause it's not fun anymore.
More people with these issues?
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• 3/18/2016

Hard Level classified levels are changed on-time by King's Team!

It was very unlikely when King's team changed the list of Hard Level classified levels on-time. They are also exchaged some level together. That makes sense in this wiki.
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• 2/1/2016

Need help to complete the level pages!

Hi all,
I finished creating all level pages with their board images. Please help us to completely edit all levels with more informations.
Thank you.
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• 1/5/2016

New Page Formatting

This is a little one has ever asked a question on this wiki, or am I in the wrong place? If there is anyone out there, I have a question about New Page formatting:   When creating a new level page: is it best practice to include all content headers, or only headers which you are adding to?   Example: At the moment of publishing the page, I don't have any 'Trivia' or 'Walk through' video information. Should I still include Trivia and Walk through content headers, leaving the contents empty; or not include any sections which I initially would leave empty? It would seem best to me, to include all content headers, which would make it easier for others to add content at a later time. But being new to this wiki - and the game itself - I would appreciate some input,  Thanks
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