Screenshot Android lev245

Level 245 with many bombs

Bomb is one of the blockers in Farm Heroes Saga.


They are like the normal cropsies but have a countdown number on them. Once this number has reached zero they will explode and destroy a maximum of 5 Cropsies of random type. However, they destroy less than 5 Cropsies of random type if there are more types of required cropsies. To prevent this you will have to do a match or throw a water drop by buckets at them.

Bombs do not score. Neither will they be added any bonuses. At the end of a level they may be harmless if their count is higher than the number of remaining moves.

Hero Mode will convert the bombs into normal ones which makes bomb levels often a close call.

Igniter companions will ignite one bomb each time. Unfortunately, it can be one with a high count. Water drops or magic shovels are other remedy. Frogs make no difference between bombs and regular cropsies.


Bombs are first seen in level 236, the first level in the 17th episode, Pooch Park.


  • All bombs have 9 moves to explode.

Gallery Edit


Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Bombs00:26

Official Farm Heroes Saga - The Bombs

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