Farm Heroes Saga has two different versions, a version for mobile devices and a version for PCs.

There are many little differences:

  • Fog of War covers the playfield on the PC, on the mobiles you will always see the latest episode and all your friends.
  • On the PC  you are welcomed with a loyalty bonus (Magic Beans and Boosters).
  • On mobile devices you may participate in events.
  • On the PC there are a lot of little animations along the road. On the mobiles there are very few.
  • The PC version works server based. Network interruptions will interrupt or finish your game ("Please, reload"). The App version uses old retrieved data and can be used off-line. You can easily wait for boosters to renew.
  • The free Plus-2-Moves booster exists only on the PC
  • Christmas gifts are given only to mobile users 

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