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Welcome to the Farm Heroes Saga Wiki! We are a collaborating community editing about the hit game that is Farmtastic Farm Heroes Saga. We currently store 2,974 articles and have done 32,313 edits because you helped us. We would be glad to have you help this wiki! This wiki is now recreated and now has begun editing since 29 August 2014.

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Farm Heroes Saga was first released March 7th in 2013. Since that popularity is increasing and the game has achieved the spot of the 2nd most game played in the world of the internet. The number of ratings on various platforms has exceeded 8 millon people.

The game is available to download for several mobile platforms. Get Farm Heroes Saga here:

iOS: Get it on iOS Version - Farm Heroes Saga

Android: Or Get it on Android for Free - Farm Heroes Saga

What is Farm Heroes Saga?

Farm Heroes Saga is a game, developed by King. Just like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled, it's a 3-match game, and it has cropsies obviously instead of candies or jewels. Collectable cropsies are just vegetables like carrots, onions and more! In-game you have the ability to Facebook Sync and battle your fellow competitors. There are versions for the two popular mobile platforms which have possibly sightly different rules. Unlike in Candy Crush you have more complex rules with various goals to accomplish. Cropsies often have bonuses attached to them which need to be considered when trying to be successful. If you don't use Facebook you will join a party of human players who will help you. Please note: This game is free but in-game features such as boosters are partially required to be paid.

Farmtastic Articles

See More: Dairy District

Dairy District is the first episode of Farm Heroes Saga and that in the game it introduces everything that you need to know, like examples of how to play and how to use the boosters. This episode is extremely easy and a tutorial episode, too. The game continues to introduce new features and they are always explained with examples.

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