Seeds and slime

Seeds are elements in Farm Heroes Saga. There are three types of seed in this game currently.

Grass seedEdit

Grass seed

Grass seeds almost look like onions and act as a special game element. Together with a water drop they will create grass on that square and its four neighboring spots (horizontal and vertical). They can also convert other environments like hay, ice, snow and slime into grass. They are moved like cropsies. Swapping the grass seed to create the grass takes one move to accomplish and the seed will disappear in exchange, however if the Water Droplet is a required resource of the given stage, the Water Droplet that swaps with it would be collected (together with any bonuses that come with it).

Hay seedEdit

Hay seed

Hay seeds create hay and the playing mechanisms are the same. However, unlike with grass, hay will only be created on that single square. It will provide food (and collection point) for sheep and black sheep in stages where they are a required resource.

Flower seedEdit

Flower seed

Flower seeds create flowers and the playing mechanisms are the same. Like hay seed, it will create only one flower on that square. Appears in stages when Flowers are a required resource.

Tip Edit

On levels with few moves you may think twice before creating some grass that doesn't return much, particularly on the last moves. Levels with seeds require more luck than usual because the first moves need to match and give the necessary grass.


Gallery Edit

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